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Cult Ray-Ban® glasses for all conditions

The Ray-Ban® brand delights for many years, constantly following the fashion and our needs. The Everglasses collection was created for people who do not have a vision correction, but like everyone else want to protect their eyesight from harmful factors. The bestseller frames have been combined with the non-corrective lenses, in three different versions providing users with full protection and style wherever they are.


Everglasses Clear Ray-Ban w Optique

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Favorite shapes of sunglasses with advanced clear lenses

Everglasses Ray-Ban

Non-corrective glasses are undeniably a fashionable part of any styling, and when combined with the highest quality lenses from Ray-Ban® they become the perfect protection for our eyesight. The anti-reflective coating contained in them not only reduces glare, but also gives us 100% protection against harmful UVA/UVB radiation.

What's more, it enables us to enjoy a clear image wherever we are, protecting our lenses with antistatic, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings. With additional harden coatings, we can be sure that the lenses will work in all conditions.

Feel safe at all times, put them on and enjoy what you see!

Photochromic lenses provide constant protection whatever the weather

So far you've been leaving the house in the morning and coming back when it was already dark? One pair of glasses didn't meet your expectations? The Ray-Ban® brand has anticipated this by producing glasses for all conditions.

Photochromic lenses have been combined with cult frames, providing double protection throughout the day. These intelligent lenses remain colourless indoors, changing their degree of tinting smoothly outdoors depending on the sunlight. This technology offers a stylish, grey dyeing to suit every model. This is the best solution for those looking for comfort and style all day long, regardless of the conditions.

Order them today and enjoy them all the time!

Maximum relaxation for your eyes while working at the computer

Non-corrective glasses with a blue-violet light filter were created not only for people working many hours a day in front of a monitor, but also for those who spend a lot of time in front of a computer or phone.

With Blue-Light filter lenses you don't have to worry about your eyesight and its excessive fatigue. Their purpose is to provide you with protection against harmful blue-violet radiation, thus giving you a sense of comfort. In addition, the Ray-Ban® brand has come up with a solution for those looking to protect their eyesight outdoors, indoors or in virtual reality, by creating ready-to-wear glasses with Blue-Light filter and photochrome technology in one. When you choose these glasses, you choose the Ray-Ban® branded eye protection guarantee.

Provide maximum relaxation for yourself and obligatorily your eyes!


The new Everglasses collection is a symbol of high quality and best fit for today's world.

Check and choose a model with the latest generation lenses!




You're looking for a non-corrective glasses for a computer? How about anti-reflective glasses to protect your eyesight?



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