What do non-pescription glasses give you and how do I choose them?

What do non-pescription glasses give you and how do I choose them?

Non-prescription glasses – advantages ?

For many people, glasses are just a styling accessory. When you choose them, you have to think first and foremost about health, not fashion. How do I choose sunglasses? The most important thing when choosing glasses is to adapt them to the individual needs of the eye and the way of life. This rule also applies to corrective and sunglasses. Do not buy cheap glasses at markets, as they can cause permanent damage to your eyesight. The low price indicates that these are not e. g. anti-reflective glasses or other protective coatings.

Non-corrective glasses are primarily a solution for people who work in front of a computer, spend a lot of time in front of a TV set or other device that has a screen such as a phone, tablet, laptop. They are also ideal for children and adolescents of school age.  More and more schools are using monitor boards and projectors, which are tiring or even eye-catching. To sum up, the lenses used in non-corrective glasses are not designed to correct vision, but only to protect it by using eye protection coatings, such as anti-reflection coatings.

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According to opticians, the most common cause of visual impairment are various types of monitors. The light they emit can cause:
  • tiredness,
  • problems with concentrating,
  • headaches,
  • pinching, burning and reddening of the eyes.

Long hours of work at the computer and watching TV or constant staring at the screen of the phone irritates the eyes with light reflections. The solution to this problem is the anti-reflective non-corrective glasses. Why would I do that? The anti-reflective coating minimises the reflection of light from both the outer and inner surfaces of the lens. This eliminates the feeling of fatigue when working with the monitor. In addition, it provides better contrast and sharpness. Anti-reflection coating does not distort the real image. It only minimises the penetration of light into the eye, including water that is split by particles of water circulating in the atmosphere.

Where to buy non-corrective glasses?

Frames that have two pieces of plastic instead of anti-reflective glass do not protect the eyes. Where to buy sunglasses to protect your eyes and be a fashionable decoration? To make sure that your frames are made of certified, health safe materials and that your lenses contain good filters, you'll benefit from buying them from opticians'; shops. They are marked on the inside of the frame:
  • EN 166:2001,
  • CE,
  • 89/686/EWG,
  • EN 1836+A1:2009,
  • ISO 9001:2000. 

All these symbols prove that the glasses meet the necessary European standards, i. e. they are made of safe materials and can be sold in Europe. Thanks to these requirements, you can not only buy fashionable round non-corrective glasses stationary, but also in an online optician's store.

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The network is full of fashionable frames, which unfortunately do not always meet all the necessary standards required in Europe. They tempt with their low price and attractive appearance, but you should remember that they can be harmful to the eyes. It is not worth risking your health and saving on glasses.

Eyes are a sensitive organ that can easily be damaged. Remember that you can buy good non-corrective glasses with anti-reflection on the Internet, but you have to buy them on the websites of optical salons, read the descriptions carefully and choose only well-known companies. This is a guarantee of good eye protection.

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