Which glasses choose for work?

Which glasses choose for work?

In today's technology we spend more and more hours in front of the computer, including at work. Staying more than 4 hours a day in front of a monitor, smartphone or even a regular TV requires glasses for a computer. In order to protect your eyes well we need glasses to work with a computer even without a visual impairment. Glasses for computer work should have strong anti-reflection and UV filters. For our comfort of use and ease of maintenance, hardened lenses with coatings that repel dirt and water will also work. For those who want to have the best quality glasses before a computer, the best thing to do is to have a filter that cuts off the rays of blue-violet light. These are, for example, Crizal Prevencia lenses from Essilor. Thanks to the additional filter contained in them, our eyes will be relaxed, less tired, the lights will not offend us so much, but above all, our eyes will be better protected. With such glasses, glasses will protect our eyes from the computer to the highest degree.

More and more often customers decide to use protective glasses for their computers because they know that this is an investment not only in fashionable accessories but also in their own health. What is the price of glasses for a computer - very different. The price of glasses for computer glasses ranges from 199 zł (containing basic anti-reflection and hardening) to 530 zł (option with the strongest anti-reflection UV filter and cutting off blue-violet light). It is worth mentioning here that anti-reflection and so-called glasses protecting against computer are not only for work, they are also a perfect protection for us every day. The better they are, the more enjoyable they will be. Together with stronger filters to protect against the computer, the glasses have more coatings at the same time, thanks to which they clean better and scratch less. The argument for choosing better and more expensive glasses is undoubtedly the fact that many employers offer reimbursement of part of the cost of buying glasses for computers. If a business owner hires employees, they may be able to get some money back for equipping the employee with glasses to help them with their work. When applying for such a subsidy from work on glasses, it is usually necessary to issue an invoice, which shall include one of the following terms: glasses for computer use; protective glasses for work on a computer; glasses; protective glasses; or corrective glasses for work on a computer. The amount of funding we receive from work for glasses is determined individually by the employer and may vary (from 100 to 600 zł). Most often it is the amount of about 300 PLN.

Summing up, glasses for work should fit us first of all, we should feel good and look good in frames (shape) that we have chosen is not only a "necessary evil"; but also an addition that gives us character or seriousness. After choosing a frame we advise you to invest in better quality corrective glasses with all possible coatings and filters - glasses to work in front of a computer - this is something we do not change every now and then so that their quality allows us to use them for as long as possible. In addition, health should never be spared. By choosing the best coated glasses to protect your computer, your vision will work longer and more efficiently and we will be sure that it has 100% protection possible.

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